Alessandro Morari, Ph.D.

Manager and Senior Research Scientist

AI for Code

IBM Research

Highly accomplished manager and researcher with a proven track record of leading teams and projects in Applied Machine Learning and High Performance Computing.

In 2019 I spearheaded the AI for Code initiative for IBM Research, building a talented team of researchers and leading multiple research projects in the field. AI for Code produced top-tier publications, patents, and considerably advanced IBM know-how, making it a leader in the space.

In the High Performance Computing space, I led the team responsible for the Operating System performance and scalability of the Summit and Sierra supercomputers, the world's fastest supercomputers in 2018, part of a $300M+ procurement for the Department of Energy. 

I also developed and taught the first High Performance Machine Learning graduate course for the NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Science, teaching graduate students how to apply computer architecture and high performance computing to scale Machine Learning algorithms. This curriculum is now being regularly taught at NYU and multiple other universities.

While at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, I was one of the three researchers to develop GEMS, a high performance graph database that resulted in multiple top-tier publications and the spin-off of Trovares, a startup offering highly scalable graph analytics on the cloud. For this work I won the PNNL Outstanding performance Award.

I regularly advise startups, entrepreneurs, and small companies regarding technological trends and digital strategy.


Current Research

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