Alessandro Morari, Ph.D.

Developer Technology Manager, AI


Technical Leader and Researcher with over 15 years of experience in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Deep Learning. I am building a team of specialists to advance NVIDIA's leadership in accelerating Artificial Intelligence workloads.

My tenure includes spearheading the AI for Code research at IBM, which led to the creation of the Watson Code Assistant. In 2018, I contributed to developing the Summit and Sierra supercomputers, the world's fastest supercomputers. In 2014, I spearheaded PNNL's GEMS project, a high-performance, massively multithreaded graph database, which led to the spinoff of the graph analytics startup Trovares.

I developed and taught the first graduate course on HPC for Machine Learning at New York University. I have contributed to 30+ academic publications and 18+ patents.


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